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Aha! Water!

October 07 2013


Aha Moments from 100 WEEK!

Archived TAMJAMS blog post written by Kim, MD.

Lots of good things happening to my head which are directly the result of Dancer's Body and Tamara. I'm drinking water!! This probably seems silly, but I didn't like to drink water during the day. It was too cold or too bland or just didn't hit the spot. I drank.... really not very much, sometimes water, sometimes juice, my favorite was milk! I drank coffee with milk most mornings. But since Tamara challenged us to drink ONLY water during the cleanse week, I rose to the challenge and DID IT! And most surprisingly, I really LIKE IT! I like drinking it mostly while I'm eating a meal, but I drink it periodically through out the day as well. I can't explain what happened to make such a drastic change in my taste. Maybe eliminating all other options was the coup de grace, so to speak. But it feels so much cleaner and more nourishing all of a sudden. I'll hang on to this habit, I know, because I haven't really felt like drinking anything else lately. Sodas were never attractive to me and coffee seems so bitter in my memory now.

Another amazing thing is realizing how incredibly DELICIOUS food tastes when you're really hungry. That seems like a no brainer, too. But I remember thinking something tasted so good when I first tried it that I would have some more, and some more. But it was never AS good after the first helping. Clearly this has an impact on portion choices. Conscious eating for dummies......

Aha moment number three: PROTEIN. Need I say more. Challenging myself to hit my protein target each day has been an eye opener (as I know it has for many of us). I'm eating all kinds of things that I had previously cut out of my diet altogether because there was "too much fat" in them. Cottage cheese, cheese in general, baked tofu, red meat, nut butters,... wow, it's a whole new culinary world again.... AND IT'S NOT CHEATING! IT'S CONSCIOUS EATING!

Tamara Squires, Creator of FLiP: Start With Happy! At-Home Fitness/Transformation Workout Program


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