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February 05 2014


Today I was talking with a client who is planning on doing Team Happy, but she shared with me her concerns about realistically being able to do it with her work and travel schedule. She asked me if she should just wait and do it at a later date. She was concerned about not being able to be "all in". I want to share with you what I told her, because I think many of us are in the same boat.

First, I thanked her for being respectful of the program and the group. I totally understand when someone says to me "hey...I can't do everything, so I don't want to hold anyone else back or seem like I am not "wanting the results" because I can't fit it all in". However, I reminded her that this is a journey to find BALANCE and HARMONY between our heart, mind and body. It is a chance to TRY to figure out how to work it in within our LIFE. That is how it becomes a LIFESTYLE. If you wait until you are on a break from LIFE so you have all the time you need to do the program...what happens when life goes back to being NORMAL AND BUSY???

Being "All In" means having an "All In" MINSET - AIM. It does not mean doing EVERYTHING 100%. Nothing is maintainable at 100%, nor is it fun. Having an "All IN" mindset at the BEGINNING of this program only means that you are willing. Your willingness factor is ramped up. You have an OPEN HEART AND AN OPEN MIND. You are prepared for some possible discomfort in order to EXPAND your comfort zone. (I will remark that an obvious thing has happened in the past with other groups and that is the people who had the success soon learned the more support they gave to the group, the more support they got back...hence more success!)

So instead of focusing on doing everything perfect from Day One...let's focus on taking the next 12 weeks to LEARN how you will manage to be HAPPY, HEALTHY & FIT for life WITHIN YOUR LIFE. Experiment for the next 12 weeks with ways to ALIGN and make it possible to work time in for the NUMBER ONE PERSON IN YOUR LIFE...YOU!!

Take the pressure off people...let's take a deep breath and know that waiting until the "perfect time" to take action may mean that there will never be a "perfect time". TAKE ACTION TODAY. Do one thing TOWARDS your goals instead of TURNING AWAY. You know that flipping your thoughts takes absolutely no equipment, no cost...please read my "1 thing to do Today" blog - http://tamjams.com/blog/1_thing_to_do_today

There is NO COST for people signing on to do TEAM HAPPY*. You will just need to commit to signing up for Team Happy Community page on FB and the TAMJAMS Fitness Monthly Membership (which is free with your new DVD set). If you purchased the DVD more than 3 months ago and already used your FREE months, it cost only *$9.99 a month for 3 months while you are on the FLiP! Start With Happy Transformation program. 

I look forward to seeing those that are ready for the journey! It will be extremely beneficial for everyone in TEAM HAPPY moving forward in the program!

Remember if you can't come in person to the Team Happy Group Sessions at TAMJAMS, you can sign up for the class online and have access to the audio recordings. This is exactly what we just did with our previous TEAM HAPPY because some people were not local. However, please know if you are not able to be involved with the TEAM HAPPY group sessions, you can always sign up for personal training and get your info one on one with me if you would rather. Please read 

"Start Your Journey" BEFORE coming or listening to the Team Happy group sessions. You will want this information to help you understand what we discuss and it will help everyone MOVE FORWARD TOWARDS THIER GOALS!

Here is the link:   http://tamjams.com/blog/start_your_journey_begin_12_week_transformation

I wish the best success to you all! Whether you do it with us as a part of Team Happy or go at it on your own timing. Just go for it!

 Dance your heart out and enjoy every moment.

Celebrate YOU from your very CORE...from your VERY CENTER.



Tamara Squires, Creator of FLiP: Start With Happy! At-Home Fitness/Transformation Workout Program


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