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Flip - Is It For Guys?

March 02 2014

Flip - Is It For Guys?

by Brett Hullinger

I’m a week away from turning 43, and although I’m way too old to be snapping selfies, this photo answers a question I hear often: Is the Flip program for guys?

The answer is no, it’s not for guys.

Here’s the truth: there’s a lot of dancy stuff in this program. There are fluid, dynamic stretches that are the opposite of the touch-your-toes-and-hold stuff that I remember from high school sports. The program utilizes light weights and resistance bands that are the opposite of the heave-as-much-as-you-can mentality that most guys are used to. And there are dance routines that are the opposite of the side-to-side shuffle that has always been my version of dancing.

Definitely not for guys.

Then there’s the mindset side of Flip, which most guys would see as “touchy-feely.” Posting positive messages about yourself on the bathroom mirror. Emailing great things about yourself to yourself. Announcing your goals. Changing core beliefs. Flipping negative thoughts to positive thoughts. Not the kind of stuff that guys are comfortable with.

Which is why this program is not for guys.

It’s for men.

It’s for men with an open mind. It’s for men who aren’t afraid to try moving in a different way in order to get a different result. It’s for men who are willing to examine some of the emotional and psychological baggage that play a big role in their health and fitness. It’s for men who are comfortable in their own skin, and don’t worry about looking out of place. It’s for men who can appreciate the skill and athleticism of dancers. It’s for men who have traded some macho for some maturity.

It took me a while to learn all this. I’ve been involved in the development of this program from the very beginning, but it took years before I fully embraced ALL of it for myself. I had a “guy” attitude toward the mindset aspect, believing that fitness was simply a math problem that could be boiled down to calories burned vs. calories consumed. I used to fanatically track my food, weighing and measuring and recording everything I ate. I got in shape, but I wasn’t any happier with my body, because I could still nit-pick it to death. And I couldn’t maintain it, because my heart, mind and body weren’t in it TOGETHER.

They are now. I’ve dug down and flipped some of my biggest core beliefs. I’ve fully embraced the importance of a positive mindset. It is the key. I don’t track my food or my workouts anymore. In fact, I have less time than ever to devote to working out. Even so, I have a better body now (36 pounds down from my high) than at any time in my life. Not just better “for my age,” but better, period. And maintaining it is easy, because I believe that it’s easy, and I do the little things every day that make it easy.

More importantly, I’m happy, which is kind of the point of “Start With Happy.” I don’t nit-pick things I wish were better about my body. I don’t compare myself to anyone else. I don’t beat myself up over missed workouts or food choices. I choose to be happy, and that positive inner dialogue keeps manifesting on the outside. In fact, I mentioned in one of the Team Happy sessions in the studio that I was “enamored” with my body now. (Enough to take selfies, apparently.)

I know that enamored is not exactly a “guy” thing to say. That’s okay. This program isn’t for guys.


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