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Hitting Your Nutrition Targets!

July 19 2013


Hitting your Nutrition TARGETS!

FLiP: Start With Happy Weight loss program is a lifestyle nutrition change.  The program helps you become aware of your daily nutrition and gives you the tools to LEARN your daily targets. Give yourself time to understand how to do this process. For most of you, you just barely learned what your targets are and now that you are aware, you can start making choices to STRIVE and REACH THEM. This is how we STOP THE CYCLE.  You may now start to understand why you may not have had success with past "diets".  Because if you just follow a diet plan given to you, you may not ever learn WHY you should eat a certain way or the true portions you need.  KNOWLEDGE is power.  And with my program YOU will have the KNOWLEDGE to SUCCEED at your GOALS!

It may take time to try certain combinations of wonderful food to meet your targets.  Check out the GUIDEBOOK for healthy tips and food lists.  

This is a LEARNING process.  Read labels, start to understand about how each meal effects our bodies.

Some tips:

-TRY to eat PROTEIN, FAT & CARB with EACH MEAL!!!!!

- If you find you are not hitting your targets, then the next day PRE-PLAN what you are going to eat the NEXT day and eat it earlier in the day so you are not trying to fit it all in late at night to reach your targets.

- Use the food list.

- Try saying "It's EASY to eat the right combination of food each day to hit my target nutrition"



If you have a TAMJAMS Fitness Membership, CLICK HERE to calculate your NUTRITION TARGETS. 


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