We'd love to hear your comments/feedback about Tamara's teaching and TAMJAMS! (click here to read previous comments)

If you have taken one class or many from her, in any form (studio, convention, university, gym, fitness, etc.), and at any time (current or in the past), let us know your thoughts. 

Parents: If you are a parent of a student who has taken Tamara's class, please give us your perspective and feedback too.

Feel free to talk about anything:

  • atmosphere
  • music
  • curriculum
  • style
  • emotion
  • connection to students
  • passion for dance
  • teaching techniques

In addition, Tamara has been researching the emotional response created through dance. In your comments, please let us know if you have ever experienced PROFOUND DANCE in her class. Have you ever felt emotion or a deeper feeling of connection to the music and to others around you taking the class? Sometimes it is a feeling you can't quite explain, but you know the movement and the music is touching you on a deeper level...more than just learning dance steps. 

Thanks for taking the time. We so appreciate your comments!

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