How many students do I need to Host a Workshop?

Only 30 or more!

How much will it cost?

Our 2-day workshops range from $140.00 to $200.00 per student, depending on how many students register. Because TAMJAMS! customizes each event, fees will vary. Tell us about your studio and we'll get you a customized quote! [Workshop Quote Request].

How many dance rooms do I need?

Only 2 or more, so levels can run simultaneously. However, it is possible to host a workshop with only 1 large room (levels will come at different times of the day).

Can TAMJAMS! faculty choreograph competition routines for my students during the workshop?

YES! Our professional faculty has created award-winning choreography for studios around the nation! Optional (private) choreography sessions can be booked by individual students and/or studio owners. We can also book choreography sessions separate from the workshop.

What is the JAM! Session?

This is a fun, informal performance at the end of the workshop. The TAMJAMS! faculty will introduce themselves and tell students about their experiences in the dance profession. Students will then perform the routines learned during the workshop. Parents are invited to come and enjoy this FREE performance!

Is there a charge to attend the JAM! Session?

NO! The performance is free and we encourage parents to attend.

Can photos be taken during the JAM! Session?

YES! Still photography is great! (No video allowed.) At the end of the performance, all of the workshop participants and TAMJAMS! faculty will gather together for a final photo. Bring your camera and capture this fun Kodak moment!

How can I promote my TAMJAMS! Workshop?

Get in touch with your local paper, radio and TV stations. They may want to do a story or cover the event for the community. It can be great publicity for your studio.

How do I get my studio parents excited about TAMJAMS!?

Let them know you are bringing in professional choreographers to the studio to save them the expense of traveling elsewhere. The students will receive inspiring, one-on-one attention from TAMJAMS personable faculty. Most importantly, students will have more confidence participating in a workshop at their own studio. Parents will see with their own eyes at the JAM! Session, just how much their kids have excelled and accomplished in just a few short days!

Can parents watch the workshop classes?

NO. Parents are encouraged to watch our FREE JAM! Session at the end of the workshop. However, if there is space to accommodate observers in the studio rooms or venue, TAMJAMS! and the Host Studio will determine if an observer fee can be offered.

How far in advance should I book a TAMJAMS! workshop?

If possible, plan your workshop date 6 months to a year in advance and include it in your yearly calendar.

Helpful Hint: Have a workshop deposit due when parents are registering students for the new season.

Can I host a workshop for my students only?

YES. Just specify how many students you can guarantee for the workshop and TAMJAMS! will calculate the price per student. All you need is 30 or more students!

Can I invite other studios to the workshop I’m hosting?

YES, as long as you have appropriate studio space to accommodate the other studios you will be inviting.

Helpful Hint: Your guaranteed minimum should only include students from your studio, not students who might attend from other studios.

Can I Co-Host a TAMJAMS! workshop with another studio owner?

YES. If you have another studio willing to contract for the workshop, then the guaranteed minimum can be split up.

What is the guaranteed minimum?

This is the minimum number of students that the host studio is contractually obligated to register for the workshop. The workshop price per student is based on this number. Helpful Hint: For a successful workshop, consider making the workshop mandatory for your company and performing students. Then, guarantee only the amount of students you know will attend.

Who collects registration fees?

The Host Studio collects all registration fees and makes payments to TAMJAMS! according to the contract.

When should I collect from my students?

We recommend making the student registration fees due 5 to 7 days before your contract deadline. A good idea is to split the fee into 2 or 3 payments. This will help get your payments in on time and gives you a good idea well in advance about how many will be attending.

Why are registration fees due prior to the workshop?

TAMJAMS! can only book faculty and travel when we receive the minimum balance. There is a much better chance to accommodate your preferences on faculty and classes when we receive it on or before the deadline.

Helpful Hint: Some Host Studios pay the minimum balance up front to guarantee the best possible choices and then have students reimburse them.

When is the final payment due?

TAMJAMS! will divide your contract amount into 3 payments over time (depending on how many months in advance the workshop is booked). This is specified in yo ur contract. In most cases, the final balance is due 60 days in advance of the workshop.

What is the Host Studio commission?

This is a monetary amount paid by TAMJAMS! to the Host Studio Owner at the end of workshop. The amount will vary depending on length of workshop and number of paid in full participants. It will be specified in your contract. As an additional incentive, a specified number of teachers from host studio will be admitted free.

Can Teachers just pay an observer fee to watch the workshop?

NO. All teachers are required to pay the teacher registration fee for the workshop. Teachers can dance, take notes, and observe in all classes offered. However, some teachers from the Host Studio are included free as part of the commission package specified in your contract.

Can participants pay by the class?

YES. At most workshops a Single Class Rate is available. (Except Teacher Only classes).

Can the workshop classes be video taped?

NO. Videotaping is not allowed during workshop classes. However, the JAM! Session may be video taped by one representative from the Host Studio if a Copyright License Agreement is signed. Still photography is ok during the JAM! Session.

Can choreography sessions be video taped?

YES. As long as a Copyright License Agreement has been signed by the Host Studio Owner or individual booking the session.

What is appropriate studio space?

Studio space or other venue (school, community center, etc.) that can accommodate all TAMJAMS! participants and the dance styles requested (i.e. ballet, lyrical, jazz, etc.). Mirrors and wood floors are optimal, but not required.

Does the Host Studio need to provide meals for TAMJAMS! faculty?

Some of our Host Studios provide lunch and snacks, usually brought in by volunteer parents, especially if there are no restaurants close by. It is always very appreciated when food is provided, but it is not required. Bottled water is great. If possible, going out to dinner one night during the workshop is a fun opportunity to socialize with the Host Studio staff and see more of the Host City.

What type of ground transportation does the Host Studio provide?

Airport pick-up and drop-off; to and from the hotel/studio during workshop days; if necessary, transportation to eating establishments.

Rides can be provided by volunteer parents or by the studio owner(s). You do not need to rent a car or hire a car service. Whenever possible, TAMJAMS! tries to have all faculty arrive at the airport near the same time for a single pick-up. This is not always possible as faculty are typically arriving from different cities.


--TRACY D.       DEBBIE D.       CO-OWNERS





If you are not completelty satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days. Simply call TAMJAMS at 1-800-500-3874 to receive a Return Authorization Number. You will receive a refund for the full purchase price, less shipping & handling.