Heidi Zarbock 

Dancer's Body Instructor

Dance Experience: 48 Years

Location: Utah - Greater Salt Lake City area

Gym/Studio: ♦ TAMJAMS    ♦ Treehouse Athletic Club     HEIDI'Z Studio

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Heidi Hilton Zarbock was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, and started dancing at the age of three. She fell instantly in love, and found a passion that continues to grow to this day. When she dances, she is simply – home.

Heidi began instructing dance at age 16, and loves teaching to this day. She studied dance locally under Bobbi Butterfield, LaRae Sansom, Rowland Butler, Kathy Squires, Garth Peay, and Tamara Squires. Heidi studied dance in the Musical Theater Department at the University of Utah. She also studied in New York City at the Broadway Dance Center, and in Los Angeles with Joe Tremaine, Jackie Sleight, Doug Caldwell, and Ben Lokey. She danced professionally with Jazzin’ Dance Company performing throughout the western United States.

She is a certified Zumba instructor and has taught in the fitness industry at the Sports Mall, the Holiday Spa, and the Treehouse Athletic Club. Most recently, Heidi teaches as a certified TAMJAMS Dancer’s Body instructor at the TAMJAMS Studio in Draper, Utah, and her own HEIDI’Z Dance Studio in Sandy, Utah.

Heidi is a happy and healthy wife, mother of three, and grandmother of four who loves sharing her love of life, dance, and fitness.

“Dance with your heart, and your feet will follow.” – Author Unknown (but right on point(e)!)

Certifed Dancer's Body Instructor, Foundation Flexibility, Creative Cardio, Assistant and Substitute Trainings for Optimal 90 and Mind Muscle