If you want to shrink your waist but exapand your heart,

I'm your trainer.

If you are ready to transform from the CORE out,

I'm your trainer.

If you are looking for harmony between your heart, head & body,

I'm your trainer.

If you want to enjoy your workouts & smile,

I'm your trainer.

If you want to dance & experience amazing music,

I'm your trainer.

If you're looking for BEFORE & EVER-AFTER results,

I'm your trainer.

If you want to explore a new path to happy, healthy & fit,

I'm your trainer.

If you want to shed weight & thoughts that have held you back,

I'm your trainer.

If you want permanent transformation rather than temporary change,


Watch the documentary "In The Mirror" to see Tamara Squires weight loss journey and how Start With Happy was created. Click here for FREE ACCESS. 

I just spent 2013 shedding & shredding.

And it all happened at the CORE.

Join me in 2014 for YOUR Core Connection.

Transformation is not a solo endeavor when you come to TAMJAMS. It is connecting within yourself and with those around you. We are on the same wavelength in my class. We celebrate each other and want the best for all.

This ain't the GYM, it's the JAM! No judgment, just JOY! No make-up required, yet dancing your heart out is a must! There's no wrong or right way...just DANCE! Be your authentic self. I utilize Profound Dance to work out and work through life. I live to teach. Dance is my Zen. Every time I dance, I am the BEST version of me. You can explore this, too!

I welcome anyone who is searching for permanent results rather than temporary change to join me NOW! Here's how:

1) Try my at-home transformation/workout program: FLiP: Start with Happy!

2) Try my live class at the TAMJAMS studio offered 6 days a week.

3) Try a fun mix of BOTH!

‚ÄčHit it this year! Make time this year for your dreams! Shed the weight along with the memories and the thoughts that have held you back. I've learned I can't CARRY anyone across the finish line, but I stand solid with and open heart ready to CARE for anyone who would like to explore this path to Happy, Healthy & Fit.

I've found this connection for myself and others. I can help inspire it in you.

If you are ready for Core Connection, join me.


Please take a moment to read PROFOUND DANCE to have a better understanding of what is happening in the TAMJAMS classes, what makes it different.

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1) Take a class at TAMJAMS. First class is FREE! - CLICK HERE

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Tamara Squires, Creator of FLiP: Start With Happy! At-Home Fitness/Transformation Workout Program

READ "IS FLIP FOR GUYS?" written by Brett Hullinger. Click here.

To all the amazing MEN in our lives:

Do you have a spouse, a daughter, a mother, a friend who doesn't recognize their own beauty and worth? Do they seem to be stuck in their own negative self-talk? Do you wish that they could see themselves as you and others see them? You could single-handedly play the most important role in their transformation. Your support is crucial and we want you to be involved. Join in as a participant, or just come and learn the ways that you can help the beautiful women in your life achieve lasting transformation with the FLiP: Start With Happy! program.  We all know “When Mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

Take the time to transform TOGETHER! Support is what we need from our AWESOME MEN!!

Watch the documentary "In The Mirror" to see Tamara Squires weight loss journey and how Start With Happy was created. Click here for FREE ACCESS. 








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