FLiP: Start With Happy Fitness Program



Total value is $390.00! Includes Workouts, Seminars, Book to help you become Happy, Healthy, & Fit Indefinitely! 7 Hours of material. Weight Resistance, Flexibility, Cardio all included! And Free gifts!
To watch video samples of the set CLICK HERE.
Your mindset reflects on the outside. Maybe it's time to FLiP, and Start With Happy.
Old: "If I get RESULTS, I'll be happy." FLiP: "If I am HAPPY, I'll get results."
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  • You will receive a coupon code via email for the free 3-month TAMJAMS Fitness membership.
  • 3-month membership will begin on the day you activate the coupon.
  • Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.
  • Resistance Band contains latex, which may cause allergic reactions.