The people featured on this page have made life lasting changes using Flip! - Start With Happy and TAMJAMS fitness methods.  Instead of just having a Before and After experience, they have had an EVER-AFTER experience. Read all about it below. Click on each story to read more and see photos and video.  Feeling inspired? Start with Happy TODAY and the results will follow. Tamara's "In the Mirror" story may have started this, but it's YOUR STORY that will continue it.



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    AGE: 34

    OCCUPATION: Full-time Mom & Part-ime Bookkeeper

    My experience during the 12-week program has been amazing. Not only are the workouts wonderful but I’ve truly become friends with my body again. Tamara’s core belief session helped me realize that I can and should listen to my body. I’ve realized that I haven’t really listened to what my body has been telling me since I was 14 years old. Tamara has given me the tools to know what I should eat as well as how much I should eat, but all the while listening to what my body needs. In past fitness regimens it has felt that I was in a constant battle with my body, trying to force it to be my perception of healthy. Now I trust my body, I know it will get stronger, I know that it…


  • LISA

    AGE: 49


    I'm 49 years old and a nurse. My weight started with the pregnancy of my first child 17 years ago. I had complications and passed out without notice so was not allowed to leave the house without anyone with me for safety reasons and my husband traveled for business and we had just moved to a new state and I didn't know anyone so when he was away there was nothing to do but stay at home and EAT. When the doctor told me I was gaining too much weight I thought it was OK because I was pregnant after all. 100 pounds later I had a 10 pound baby and was very overweight and out of shape because I had just sat around for the last 9 months. I lost some of the weight but a year later I was pregnant…


  • KIM

    AGE: 48


    Wow! I came to Tamara's program with so much excitement and hope. I couldn't believe that a program like this had just appeared in front of me. The combination of the physical activity and nutrition programs were just what I had envisioned. My background in medicine and health has taught me that the optimal approach to fitness is well rounded. It includes a focus on both what you take in and how you use that energy. There is also the very common and frustrating problem repeated by countless women who come to my office for their regular check ups. "I keep gaining weight as I get older." "I eat the same that I've always eaten and my weight keeps going up and up." Or, the heart wrenching,…



    AGE: 38

    OCCUPATION: Attorney

    I took Tamara Squires’ Program to lose a pound or two. I never expected my life to change from the core of my being. That’s exactly what happened. I started the workout program focusing on the exercise. I showed up to class, watched Tamara’s form and learned the correct way to "Mind Muscle” my workouts. I began to see results. I was losing weight, losing inches and seeing noticeable definition. What I didn’t see was the subtle way I was changing from the inside out. I began to change the way I looked at food, people, and most importantly, myself.



    AGE: n/a

    OCCUPATION: Health & Wellness Business Owner/Chiropractor

    The last 3 months have been a fun journey! I started TAMJAMS knowing that I'm not a dancer, however the program sounded like it would be a lot of fun and it was! I have lost a total of 25 lbs over the last few months, my pant size has gone from a 36-38 to a 34, I have lost inches in the waist and hips but more importantly gained muscle in the arms, calves and thighs. What a great program! I still remember Tamara telling us in our 3 keys to success that she was not going to teach us anything we did already know, she was going to teach us how to use the knowledge we have; and she was right. We know the foods that we should eat and avoid, we know that we need to exercise to be health, we…