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December 29 2011

I took Tamara Squires’ Program to lose a pound or two.  I never expected my life to change from the core of my being.  That’s exactly what happened. I started the workout program focusing on the exercise. I showed up to class, watched Tamara’s form and learned the correct way to "Mind Muscle” my workouts.  I began to see results.  I was losing weight, losing inches and seeing noticeable definition. What I didn’t see was the subtle way I was changing from the inside out.  I began to change the way I looked at food, people, and most importantly, myself. 

Tamara then gave a "Three Keys to Success” seminar.  I listened with disbelief as she told me that she used to be quite a bit heavier than she is now.  I looked with disbelief as she showed me a huge pair of jeans that used to be her "tight jeans.”  I watched as she opened her heart, and shared her journey to her personal success through tears.

I continued to workout, and continued to see results. Tamara then gave a group "core beliefs” session.  A core belief is a belief that you hold, that in some way, hinders your growth.  (A core belief is generally a subconscious belief that finds its way into your thoughts – your "self talk.”)  During this session, various members of the intensive shared their transformations and their core beliefs.  I felt like a voyeur as the most personal experiences and beliefs were shared with me.  Why did I have a right to know these things?  Why were these women open to sharing?  Why were core beliefs such a big part of Tamara’s program.  The answer, I learned, was because of love.  Love of self and love of others.  These women shared and Tamara guided us to share because she truly loves us and wants us to succeed in all things good for us.

The realization that others would bare their intimate heart’s desires, fears, core beliefs, and their utter vulnerability spoke volumes of the level of trust they had in me – simply as a participant of the program, and as a person that could only support them.  I changed that day in the most dramatic way possible.  I began to know and really understand what it feels like to be honest with myself and honest in my relationship with others.  How did I lie to myself for so long?  How did I not realize that my subconscious was sabotaging my goals?  The realizations I made that day and continue to make would take up multiple pages.  Suffice it to say that I am renewed. 

Renewal: finding the Self I was created to be; seeing and accepting with grace and gratitude the blessings freely given to me everyday.

Thank you Tamara Squires for doing what NOBODY else (besides my Mother and Father) cared to do – care for me – truly, consistently, and deeply.  You took the time to work with me and for me.  I see my life differently because of you.  I see myself differently because of you. I have so much more to offer the world because of you.  I am forever grateful.






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