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May 27 2011

I'm 49 years old and a nurse. My weight started with the pregnancy of my first child 17 years ago. I had complications and passed out without notice so was not allowed to leave the house without anyone with me for safety reasons and my husband traveled for business and we had just moved to a new state and I didn't know anyone so when he was away there was nothing to do but stay at home and EAT. When the doctor told me I was gaining too much weight I thought it was OK because I was pregnant after all. 100 pounds later I had a 10 pound baby and was very overweight and out of shape because I had just sat around for the last 9 months. I lost some of the weight but a year later I was pregnant again and on came more weight but not nearly as much. Unfortunately with this child birth there were complications and my back was broken with the epidural but I didn't realize for approximately two months until after the birth because my daughter was in intensive care right after birth fighting for her life so I was preoccupied and not worrying about the pain in my back. Do to the fact I'm and emotional eater along came more weight with this stress. With my back injury the doctors forbid me to exercise right after the birth except to walk which I couldn't do for long without much pain. Then when my youngest daughter was a year old my husband got seriously ill and was in a coma for a month and was expected to die. He had numerous surgeries including heart, gallbladder and lung during this time is his coma to try to keep him alive so obviously being a stress eater and having a husband in a coma and two kids under the age of three I gained more weight!!!!!! Finally over the years as I have been released by the doctors to exercise more and more I have TRIED EVERY DIET YOU CAN NAME. The weight has come off in stages slowly but finally in the last year I decided I had to get healthy NOT just loose the weight.

       I started with a diet that you took drops and ate only 500 calories a day and couldn't exercise I did lose weight but was tired all the time and as a nurse I knew this wasn't good for me. Then I did a weight loss program that was a live in program that you eat what they cook for you when they feed you and exercise all day from 6am to 7pm. six days a week. Now this program was very good for me as I got in good shape and of course lost weight BUT when I left the program after a month I felt like I still needed to keep eating approx. 1000 calories a day and exercising for at least 5 hours a day just to maintain the weight I had lost.

       While at the gym  where I was basically living I saw a flyer for TAMJAMS and thought it would be good to ADD to my regular program because I was getting board with all I was doing and needed some change in my routine. After the first week of writing down my food Tamara told me I needed to EAT MORE and I told her she was CRAZY. I also didn't need to workout so much just do her program the three days a week and on the other days about a hour and a half of flexibility and aerobics. Again  the word Crazy was mentioned but she was so positive I decided to give it a try. The first week I did what I was told  I lost 6 pounds I was so shocked when  I had  been working so hard before to just stay stable. Tamara was right I needed to FEED MY BODY to have it work for we and I need to work it the right way with MIND MUSCLE and that would be enough. That changed my life that week and it also changed my families life because it gave me TIME back. 

The next thing to change was my mind. I still needed to FLIP my attitude. I still wasn't happy and was always looking for what I needed to do better or what could be better and finding all my faults. I was always telling myself "I'LL DO that WHEN I'M SKINNY ENOUGH or HEALTHY ENOUGH" so I was waiting to LIVE my life and my family was missing out on me.  Tamara taught me to tell myself that I am skinny enough and health enough to do anything  and to live my life NOW and stop waiting for UNTIL or WHEN. Be happy with yourself NOW. Picture your goal and work towards it but be happy with yourself and FLIP your attitude NOW. That in itself has been something my family has adopted as a family motto.  Raising two teenage girls it is easy now days to get body image issues and doing this program has helped me teach the girls NOW how to love themselves in there  teenage years when life and society is starting to focus on weight and body issues for girls. I realize how much my health and constant diets were effecting the girls and how they feel about dieting and I can say that doing this program and how I feel about this LIFESTYLE CHANGE has effected my family in a very positive way FOREVER.






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