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October 22 2012

The last 3 months have been a fun journey! I started TAMJAMS knowing that I'm not a dancer, however the program sounded like it would be a lot of fun and it was! I have lost a total of 25 lbs over the last few months, my pant size has gone from a 36-38 to a 34, I have lost inches in the waist and hips but more importantly gained muscle in the arms, calves and thighs. What a great program! I still remember Tamara telling us in our 3 keys to success that she was not going to teach us anything we didn't already know, she was going to teach us how to use the knowledge we have; and she was right. We know the foods that we should eat and avoid, we know that we need to exercise to be health, we know skipping meals is not healthy and that diets don't work. But what Tamara has done is create a program that takes this knowledge and teaches you how to use it. I believe "wisdom" is the application of "knowledge." And that is what Tamara has done with TAMJAMS she gives you the wisdom needed to take the things you gain from her program and apply it to your life. The biggest thing that she has given me is the wisdom to EAT MORE!! That sounds crazy I know, it sounded crazy to me at the time. However, when I started to eat a breakfast everyday as well as eating more often throughout the day I saw not only changes in how I look but how I felt. I didn't realize that I was walking around lethargic and fatigued until I started eating like my body needed.  
I have also loved the workouts. I'm a firm believer of "mind muscle," its not the amount of weights or how fast you workout with them; it's the quality and control of the movements that create muscle growth and toning. I found Tamara's workouts to be challenging in a positive manner, they are fun and build you up, they are never degrading like so many other programs or trainers can be at times. I have noticed huge differences in my flexibility when an intense stretching routine is couple with the strength training. This flexibility allows me to do so many more things at work as well as allowing me to playing sports with my kids without getting sore or stiff afterward. Now, when it comes to the dancing I have to say "sorry, Tamara you tried but I'm still a poor dancer."With that being said, I had a blast dancing! I'm not a dancer but it didn't matter, no one cared how I looked and I didn't care either, it was all about having fun and working out and I had a great time.


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